Medical debt collections

Cashback·Medical is a payment app that incentivizes patients to pay their medical bills. Medical debt can be a sensitive and stressful issue. Cashback·Medical strives to provide HIPAA-compliant patient debt collection services that positively affects the patient's relationship with your medical office.


HIPAA Compliant

Our team is trained in HIPAA regulations and we take great care to handle personal health information with the utmost respect and confidentiality. We use encrypted systems and secure data storage to protect your information from unauthorized access.


Patient relationships

We understand the importance of maintaining a positive relationship between patients and healthcare providers. We approach debt collection with empathy and professionalism, Cashback Medical's incentive based approach provides great value to the patient to keep them physically and financially healthy.

Collect more patient revenue

Insurers are assigning more financial responsibility onto patients with high-deductible plans and higher out-of-pocket maximums. Providers work with Cashback·Medical to increase collections from the growing portion of patient self-pay revenue.

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